New International Version or King James Version
New Testament
for Accuracy?

When driving on a road, there generally (and hopefully!) is NEVER an occurrence where the red traffic-control light AND the green traffic-control light, appear to one particular driver at the same time.

Similarly, one cannot go backwards AND forward simultaneously.

It would be ludicrous (not to mention probably even lethally fatal) for two different numbers on nearby speed-limit signs to be right next to each other (such as one of which stating: 30 mph - but the other one right next to it instead stating: 70 mph).

One MUST (with NO deviant-by-default exceptions for "variety" or whatever other absurd excuse or irrationalization) put water into the radiator, and gasoline into the gas-tank hole (INSTEAD OF putting water into the gas tank hole and gasoline into the radiator) - if one wants his or her vehicle to not only operate efficiently, but even operate at all over time.

It is neither logical nor tolerantly acceptable to have translations of Bible versions obviously and seriously discrepant against each other - yet mindlessly presume that both are as "good" or "accurate" as each other, and - worst of all - arrogantly and/or deceitfully (maybe in fear-of-mankind-opponent cowardice) blatter that to differentiate with discernment is "preoccupation" with "trifles" or "hung-up" on "incidentals" which "does not really matter."

It might be true that neither "translated" textual content is entirely correct, or that neither one is correct at all.

However, as indicated by the various examples above (perhaps ridiculed by divisive and facetious aberrants [vulgar expletives describing whom perhaps not appropriate here] not worthy of being listened to), sometimes simple common sense rules as to rightly deciding not merely which textual rendition is probably correct pertaining to "contrasting" ones, but also honestly and bravely discerning the sinister-and-satanic, accidently-or-deliberately-careless, and/or ignorantly-stupid cause(s) (not "reason(s)") why the errant contradiction has been concocted and imposed against what - in fact - is ABSOLUTE specific and detailed truth intended by the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ (who never makes mistakes, nor allows His Divinely-inspired authors to make scribal mistakes yet live to tell about it) regarding (and not "concerning") impeccable and infallible veracity of faithful translation from non-errant (in stark contrast to despicably-and-deplorably errant) manuscript-sourced original-language semantics.

Ecumenical Chaplain's Prayer

Let us pray.

Almighty Creator, whose past and continuing existence is rationally asserted by the acceptable assumption that every physical thing and phenomenon around us, including ourselves, which exists, was indeed created, did not create itself by any presumed mind nor alleged will of its own whenever it supposedly chose, and you who created such has logically been and continues to be far superior to and above all of what you obviously have created and which continues, and which we must duly adjust and accommodate ourselves to in order to survive and thrive as your unique creatures within your creation which, although we did not first solicit you to put us into, which - of necessity - we have been and yet are benignly consigned to and eternally cannot extricate ourselves out of nor away from by any known means of deletion nor proposed means of deletion. It thus behooves us to not consider your initial creative actions: "spam."

We thank you for you being the benevolent entitled "God" the Creator you are, powerful, intelligent, and wise beyond description to those who are similarly intelligent and can comprehend what intelligence is, which - lamentably - not all humans are honest about admitting, and have indicated your kind compassion to us by the remarkably pleasant and convenient environmental entities you have placed us into, reflecting your immovable and immutable sovereign will.

All of us have admittedly also become aware that you have made known your quasi-anonymous identity, attributes, and intentions for us, your sentient free-willed beings, who, and not simply what, are quite cognizant of natural-order morality not merely of and in the objects and operational principles and processes of natural law which entites do not have your given name inscribed upon but which we have surprisingly and joyfully discovered regarding intriguing macro and micro, massive and intricate, intricately interdependent, stable and consistent and extensive, awesome manifestations of your exquisitely-displayed handiwork.

It is acknowledged by most of us that all of your unique beings residing on this your very special planet you created in the past and strategically placed within your Universe, have also been communicated to in a more personal way, as revealed to various extents and in various ways by those adhering to and in allegiance with the existing major religions of the world, such as Christianity of both Protestants and Catholics, the Jews and Israel of judaism, the muslims of islam, and sundry assortment of less well-known beliefs based in congruent-with-nature fact or instead in imaginary superstition.

Respective of that, those of us fortunate humans who happen to like and approve what you have created, and your Divine requirements for responsibly utilizing and enjoying such gifts of benevolence, praise you for so endowing us with this capacity and opportunity to verbally talk to you now in what is known as prayer.

We therefore ask you to guide us and bless us in this our opportunity to express our gratitude, and we ask this in the name you have, through your inspired Scriptural authors, made known to us, and which we claim in faith as applicable to and for us, and which your sane and sensible worshippers never have had nor currently have valid grounds to dispute or deny, the name Jesus Christ, whose historical resume and qualifications have been made well known by both sacred and secular declaratives, to all peoples in every land, worldwide.